Need a Home Inspector in El Paso?

Do you have a newer home in El Paso you need inspected? At FYI Property Inspection, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive and detailed information about the condition of your new home.

With over 18 years of experience doing home inspections in El Paso, we at FYI Property Inspection provide detailed information about the property condition. Texas-licensed and InterNACHI certified, Richard, walks through the property and looks for potential problems. With advanced equipment like drones, thermal cameras, and pole cameras, we're able to identify potential issues that may not be immediately apparent to home buyers or newer inspectors. As a result, we frequently detect issues that are not noticed by others.

Once done, the findings are put into a comprehensive home inspection report, which is delivered via email, usually the evening of the inspection. All of our inspection reports are computer-generated and include photos for a clear understanding of the home's condition.

So, why wait? Call our certified and licensed home inspector today!

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There are several reasons why one might not want a quick home inspection with a referral from a real estate agent, including:

Conflicts of interest: Some real estate agents may refer home inspectors who are known to provide less comprehensive or favorable reports, in order to help close a sale.

Richard has over 17 years of experience working as a certified professional real estate inspector to ensure you are getting the best. We follow the TREC standards of practice and abide by the TREC and InterNACHI code of ethics.

Affordable Home Inspection Services El Paso

Quality home inspections at affordable prices are what we offer to homebuyers and sellers across El Paso and Horizon City, Texas. We believe every homebuyer has the right to know about the property they are going to buy. Whether you need a residential home inspection or a commercial draw inspection, you can depend on receiving a thorough inspection with FYI Property Inspection. Are we on your builder or realtor list? Some home builders and some realtors don't want anything to "Kill the deal". Our loyalty is to YOU our client! We write the report as we see it, with no influence from a home builder or realtor.

Investor Warren Buffett said “Price is what you pay for something. Value is what you get from it.”

If you’re looking for a quality and affordable inspection with VALUE in El Paso or Horizon City, TX, give us a call and we’ll make it happen!


Pre-listing/ Seller Inspections

Are you planning on selling your home? Get it inspected first. Our highly rated, licensed inspector will examine the property inside out and provide you with a detailed report of deficiencies. If you make some corrections from the inspection report before listing it, it may help you sell the property faster and with fewer items on the buyer inspector’s list. An unbiased and trained eye will usually find items in need of repair that you may not have noticed while living in the property.

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Buyer Inspections

Save money on future repairs and schedule your buyer inspection in El Paso, Socorro or Horizon, TX before signing on the dotted line. We will find deficiencies and safety items you may not notice, giving you the advantage of negotiating the price based on the findings, as well as added peace of mind. Call today.

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Commercial Draw Inspections

Reduce risk by hiring us for your commercial draw inspection. As an InterNachi and Texas-licensed home inspector we are knowledgeable in construction and Draw inspections. We monitor for you to ensure the construction is keeping up with the construction loan disbursal, by providing information, completion percentages, and pictures to suit your needs.

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Residential Draw Inspections

Are your funds getting utilitilized in a proper manner? A comprehensive residential draw inspection from FYI Property Inspection can help you get the information you need. We have done many Draw inspections over the years and can track the construction progress for you. Providing accurate, complete information with pictures and completion percentages for you.

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Are you buying a custom-built home? Don’t be fooled into thinking that if it’s all custom, it is correctly built. Call FYI Property Inspection to help discover deficiencies and safety items for you. Improperly wired electrical panels, unconnected drains, cracks in the tub, etc. We have found all those things and more while inspecting new and often custom construction. After the inspection will provide you with a computer-generated inspection report. The report is usually delivered the evening of the inspection by email.

Some home inspectors in El Paso never meet or talk to their clients. I like to explain the findings to make it more clear the home you are purchasing or selling. While we enjoy communicating verbal information about the property directly to the buyer (or seller), our licensed home inspector then prepares a comprehensive report to include colored photos, findings, implications, and some actions to take for you to make an informed decision.


FYI Property Inspection gives you many reasons:

  • Longer inspection times (typically 3-5 hrs.) 
  • One home per day!
  • Google 5-star rating from customers.
  • Serving the El Paso and Horizon area since 2005.
  • Computer-generated inspection reports within 24 hours.
  • Professional and informative inspections.
  • Texas-licensed and InterNACHI certified home inspector in El Paso and Horizon, TX.
  • Expertise in Draw Inspections.


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