Pre-Listing/Seller Home Inspections El Paso TX

A Seller or Pre-Listing home inspection gives you a list of items that can make your El Paso home look better, sell faster, and most important, function properly: Trim the trees that overhang the house, re-caulk the windows, replace old weather stripping, and dirty furnace filters, seal the penetrations on the roof, and replace those missing switch and outlet covers. Taking care of small jobs such as these can improve your home’s appeal, safety and make it sell faster. A smart buyer will likely have a home inspector. The more items that the inspector finds, the more they may want to negotiate. Pre-listing inspections help find the visible faults and give you adequate time to make repairs before listing. This way, you may be able to accelerate the closing process with potential home buyers. FYI Property Inspection provides affordable pre-listing and seller inspections in El Paso.

Trusted Inspectors in El Paso TX

A pre-listing seller inspection in El Paso from FYI Property Inspection may save you money! Wonder how? If you put a property on sale without having a home inspection first, there are high chances that deficient property issues will capture the buyer’s attention. This may give them the advantage to negotiate the price or repairs. You could lose a sale. Why do grocery stores constantly move things? Because we become complacent and comfortable in our environment. When we walk into a home during an inspection, we often notice things the owner never noticed.

Call us today to schedule your pre-listing inspection with our Texas-licensed and InterNACHI certified home inspector in El Paso, FYI Property Inspection. Making some repairs based on our home inspection report may attract potential buyers and speed up the sale process. What are you waiting for?

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