Residential Home Inspectors In El Paso

When you hire our residential home inspectors of El Paso, expect a detailed inspection. We don’t do one-hour home inspections. A typical home inspection will last 3-5 hours.

Trusted in El Paso since 2005, FYI Property Inspection is your premier choice for a residential home inspection. Our experienced and certified home inspectors will carefully examine your potential home. Foundation to the roof, we conduct a visual inspection of accessible areas and document our findings. We strive to provide you the most thorough inspection possible.

Home Inspectors El Paso TX

We have been inspecting El Paso homes and commercial properties since 2005. When you hire our home inspectors, you can expect accurate and precise results. Richard has many years of experience.  He is skilled in many types of inspections. That’s what we provide to homeowners, sellers, and buyers in El Paso.

With the support of some cutting-edge tools and in-depth knowledge, you can be comfortable about the condition of the property. So, what are you waiting for? Call our home inspector in El Paso, TX, today.


Our company does pre-listing and seller inspections in El Paso and Horizon areas. Do you need a home inspected? Book your inspection today.


Make the right move and book your buyer inspection with the experts in the industry. FYI Property Inspection can provide you with a detailed inspection report that can significantly impact your buying decision. Book today.

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