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Imagine you bought a home and a day after, there is leakage in the bathroom. Next week, the electric control panel sparked out. Doesn’t seem welcoming enough, right? Well, situations like that can send chills down the spine. The only way to help avoid these nasty surprises is through a professional buyers’ inspection. 

FYI Property Inspection offers unbiased buyers inspections in El Paso, helping home buyers understand the property they are looking at. You schedule the inspection, we inspect the property and give you the results in a comprehensive report. Then we are available to answer any questions you may have. For peace of mind, Let us educate and inform you about the issues discovered. 

So, what are you waiting for? Call our experts today.

Best Home Buyer Inspector El Paso TX

The main reason to have your El Paso home professionally inspected is to learn about problems with the house that may not be obvious to a non professional.

Is the visible electric wiring in the main panel, attic, and garage safe?
Is the visible portion of the plumbing system functioning properly?
Does the heating/cooling system operate?
Are there unsafe conditions in the house?

We are professional and reliable. Yes, when it comes to home inspections, there is no room for quick. A property inspection is a job that requires careful examination, which takes time. If any so-called home inspector promises you a quick inspection, then certainly, they are not the right choice. 

Our home inspections usually take about three to five hours, depending on the size and condition of the home.

 If the property is large, then it could add more hours. That’s why we schedule only one inspection a day. We focus on quality, not on making money with multiple inspections a day.

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