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Draw inspections, also known as progress inspections, are an essential part of the construction process for both residential and commercial properties. These inspections are conducted by a qualified inspector at various stages of the construction project to ensure that the work is progressing according to the applications.

FYI Property Inspection provides comprehensive inspection services for commercial and residential properties in El Paso, TX. Our team of experts offers draw inspections, which help monitor that construction projects are completed according to plan, as well as residential home inspections to identify potential issues and provide peace of mind for homeowners. With their detailed reports and expert analysis, FYI Property Inspection helps property owners, builders, and investors make informed decisions about their properties, reducing the risk of costly repairs or delays.

Our experienced and certified inspector is knowledgeable about the construction phases. He will visit the site, monitor the progress, and note the findings with pictures. We closely work with the lenders, project managers, and other representatives to provide a clear and concise draw inspection report information. We have inspected warehouses, doctors’ offices, restaurants, and more. New construction or a remodel project, We can help!

Draw Inspectors El Paso

Richard is a professional, skilled, and knowledgeable draw inspector in El Paso from FYI Property Inspection. He has been inspecting properties in El Paso since 2005. He precisely looks at aspects of the project and makes sure tasks were completed according to the application or draw request. We visit the site, review the draw request, and provide you with accurate information along with some additional pictures.

We contact the representatives on the project, inspect any project materials on-site, and then prepare clear, concise information for a draw inspection report that is easy to understand. So, why wait? Call our inspector today.


FYI Property Inspection has not only the experience but also the tools required to perform a professional commercial draw inspection. We inspect each task in detail to save you valuable time and money. Let us be your eyes and ears and streamline your process with us. We have performed these reviews on doctor’s offices, new residential development sites, retail stores, apartments, remodels, and more.


Our certified inspector, Richard, is highly experienced and trained to perform professional residential draw inspections in El Paso or Horizon, TX. We thoroughly check the project and provide the details and pictures you need. Call now.

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