June 24, 2011
Evaporative coolers, commonly called “swamp coolers,” can cool homes in dry climates. Evaporative coolers have a low first cost, use a lot less electricity than conventional air conditioners, and do not use refrigerants, such as CFCs and HCFCs, that can harm the ozone layer. Unlike air-conditioned rooms, windows or ceiling vents need to be open when an evaporative cooling system is operating. The large volume of fresh air added to the home replaces a significant amount of air that exits from the home. Every 2-4 minutes you are changing out the air in the room(s) you wish to cool. Evaporative coolers can run on about one-third of the electricity of a refrigerated cooling system. Mastercool and Ultracool models have a single thick pad to run the air through. Four side coolers are less desirable because of the damage that can be caused to the ductwork. Water can splash into the squirrel cage and rust out metal ductwork. The single pad models have water only in the are below the pad and less splash occurs, thus saving you money down the road. Pads for single units can run as long as five years with proper cleaning. Saving you more money each year. Properly drain your cooler and blow out the supply line of any water to prevent freezing and splitting of the waterline.

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