November 20, 2011
Planter boxes are common in many of the older homes in El Paso. The 1950s and 1960s homes were the most common to have planters. When the rains came the plants were watered from the roof run-off. Most of the planter boxes are made of brick or concrete and are between 3″ to 18″ high. The majority of them are installed directly against the side of the home. When installed like this, the potential for water damage is increased. Many of the planter boxes do not have drains in the sides or bottom and water seeps through the back wall against the home and may cause damage. Water should never pool near the foundation or walls of the home. Boxes that are installed with 6″-12″ separation from the wall of the home and have drains will allow you to enjoy your flowers and reduce the chance for water damage to the wood structure of your home. As your home inspector, I want you to have as much knowledge about your home as possible.

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