March 6, 2012
Looking for a new home to live in? If the home you buy is certified by Energy Star, these newer homes should meet the performance standards established by the EPA and Department of Energy. These homes are designed to consume approximately 30 percent less energy than standard homes, thanks to features such as enhanced insulation levels, high-performance windows, air sealing and ventilation, and high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. If you already have a building plan worked out for your new home, then making the upgrades for Energy Star certification costs just a few percent more but should pay for itself immediately. According to Energy Star, their upgrades add just $10 to $15 per month to your mortgage payment but save you around $25 to $45 per month on your utility bills. These numbers vary by state and are approximate. I have inspected Energy Star homes in El Paso with no insulation installed in the attic, so get the home inspected.

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