March 6, 2012
Is your bathtub or shower caulk is moldy? You’ve got to remove every bit of old grout so that the new material forms a seal against the tub and tile. If moisture gets back there, mold will form again. Use a 5-in-l tool and a box knife (razor blade) to cut it out, and caulk remover to loosen any remaining bits. Then apply new mildew-resistant acrylic latex caulk. Let the caulk sit for 48 hours to ensure it is fully cured before getting water on the surface. Many homes I inspect have mildew or damaged grout and caulk. Catching these items before the problem worsens is critical to keeping repair costs down. Maintaining your home is important, you have a lot more money in it than your car. We do frequent oil changes and fluid checks, but sometimes let our homes go. Spend a few minutes each month to take a closer look at your shower grout and caulk. Ventilation is very important. Use your exhaust fans or windows when bathing. If you or someone you know has not had a home inspector check out the El Paso area home you currently have lived in for a while, I suggest you get one to point out safety issues and deferred maintenance items.

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