April 30, 2012
Is the flow from your faucet is sluggish at one or more locations? The trouble may be in the faucet aerator. This device, at the tip of most faucet spouts, mixes air and water for a smooth flow. But minerals or dirt or pipe particles in the water often build up on the screen and disc, blocking the flow. If mineral deposits are to blame or if aerator parts are damaged, it’s best to replace the aerator. But if dirt is the problem, simply unscrew the aerator from the end of the spout (to loosen stubborn connections, douse them with penetrating oil). Disassemble and set the parts aside in order. Clean the screen and disc with a brush and soapy water; use a pin or toothpick to open any clogged holes in the disc. White vinegar and water solution can be used to remove mineral deposits. Flush all parts with water before putting them back together. This is common in new El Paso homes with PEX tubing. When the pipes are being cut and installed. the lines are not always flushed out before the fixtures are added. Blue or Red colored particles may show up in the sinks, toilets, and tub/showers during the inspections.

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