August 14, 2012
To reduce the risk of tipping of the range, the range must be secured to the floor by a properly installed anti-tip bracket and screws packed with the range. Failure to install the anti-tip bracket may allow the range to tip over if excessive weight is placed on an open door or if a child climbs upon it. Even a large turkey slid on to the door could tip the range. A serious injury might result from spilled hot liquids heating above or from the range itself. If the range is ever moved to a different location, the anti-tip brackets must also be moved and installed with the range. Instructions are usually provided for installation in wood or cement fastened to either the floor or wall. When installed to the wall, make sure that screws completely penetrate drywall and are secured in wood or metal. When fastening to the floor or wall, be sure that screws do not penetrate any electrical wiring or plumbing. These are checked while performing El Paso home inspections, as long as the range is not in use or personal items are stored inside. Anti-tip devices are safety items designed for easy installation. Make sure to check that the range is pushed back into the bracket on a regular basis.

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