August 16, 2012
Replacing your washing machine water supply hoses every few years may prevent flooding. Hoses in El Paso experience extreme heat and dry air which can cause them to fail sooner than in other areas of the country. If you go on vacation, be sure to shut off the water at the washer and/or street to relieve the pressure on the lines. You can be sure “Murphy” is watching your home (Murphy’s Law). You will be sleeping or away from home when the lines burst. The last thing you want is your neighbor calling you and saying “Water is coming out of your front door and garage”. I recommend braided stainless hoses be added to replace the standard rubber ones. Fluidmaster® brand plumbing products sell NO-BURST® Braided Stainless Steel Washing Machines Connectors that are stronger than the original lines that come with most washers. Never re-use a washer supply line. Change out the lines anytime the washer is moved or serviced. Never keep washer lines longer than five years. Fluidmaster® lines feature:
  • High bursting strength. Each foot of NO-BURST®contains 220 feet of stainless steel wire. Stainless ferrules are extra-long with radial crimps for more security.
  • Tough, NFS-approved polymer core resists chlorine.
  • Ample inside diameter for high flow capacity. Captive cone washers seal tightly, can’t fall out.
  • Exceptional flexibility for fast easy installation. Won’t, kink or crease, even in the tightest of spaces. Heavy-duty nuts are easy to grip and nickel-plated for durability.
  • Exceeds all requirements for flexible water connectors.
If you have a custom-built El Paso home with a laundry catch pan and drain in the floor, be sure to move the appliances regularly and clean the lint from the floor drain. Failure to clean and inspect the drain will likely cause water damage. Call your El Paso home inspector with any questions.

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