Springtime home inspection

As spring arrives, it’s the perfect time to conduct a home inspection to verify your property is safe and secure. A springtime home inspection can help identify potential issues before they become major problems, such as damaged or clogged gutters, cracked foundations, and worn-out or damaged roof shingles. When summer rains come, these issues can quickly become major concerns. By identifying potential issues, a thorough inspection can also reveal opportunities for improvement, such as energy-efficient upgrades. By conducting a springtime home inspection, homeowners can rest assured that their property is safe, secure, and well-prepared for the warmer months ahead. Contact FYI Property Inspection today for availability at 915-490-3160.


Electrical panel overspray

El Paso Home inspector electrical find-The electrical panel was covered with drywall texture and or spray foam overspray. Contaminants can affect the contacts between the breaker and the bus bar, creating a fire hazard. Usually, cardboard is placed in front of the electrical panel to prevent overspray. An electrician can clean this electrical distribution panel. These and other defects were found during a new construction inspection by our El Paso home inspector.

inspected new home window lock shaved

This inspected new home window lock was one of many that were shaved down by the installer instead of adjusting the screws holding the locking cleat. When the window locks are shaved down, the window strength is compromised and can easily be opened by an intruder. I have inspected multiple brand new homes in the past few months, from various builders, with this same problem. It’s an installer problem, but it’s not getting corrected. Call us to inspect your new home – if you’re already in, have us look at it before your one-year warranty is up.


This shower stem was found during an inspection this week. The base of the showerhead caused water to drip on the top of the fiberglass shower enclosure. This could allow water to get behind the wall. A longer shower stem is recommended. The shower head was also installed too high above the enclosure.


While inspecting this electrical panel, I noticed a wire was not connected to the grounding bushing at the bottom of the panel. Grounding and bonding bushings are used to bond and terminate the metal conduit to the enclosure. For safety this should be repaired. Call our home inspector in El Paso and see what is deficient at your home!


GFCI protection missing

Get a good home inspection. A kitchen receptacle was discovered without ground and required GFCI protection. Newer building standards require kitchen receptacles to have both. I recommend upgrading any kitchen receptacles for safety, even in an older home. A few dollars spent on the electrical upgrade may save a life and make the home safer.
Additionally, GFCI protection in newer homes should be in laundry areas, garages, bathrooms, and exterior receptacles. A good home inspection can discover many other issues with a home.


Safety in your home is of great importance. A family in Las Cruces in 2011 lost their lives when they ran electrical cords together to power their mobile home. A fire started when they overheated, and the three family members inside the home died because the security bars on the windows did not have the required releases. Stories like this, unfortunately, happen far too often.

We have inspected many homes over the years. We always hope that the information from the inspection report is acted upon to save lives.

As a home inspector, I cannot tell you “You must” do anything, but I hope the safety items mentioned in the inspection reports are helpful and insightful. My goal is to inform you of issues in your home that could potentially cause you or your family harm.

This holiday season, be sure not to overload your Christmas light strings and unplug your lights each night before going to bed to ensure they don’t get hot and catch fire while you and your family are sleeping. Call us for a home safety inspection if you are concerned.


Where does the rainwater go?

Before purchasing your home, look at where the rainwater on the roof will flow. Where does the rainwater go? Does the water push against a wall? These conditions create a vulnerable condition roof for leaks. An ideal roof installation will allow the water to flow in one direction straight off the eave. Look at the streaking and cracked stucco below the front entry wall. Water has entered it. Most newer homes have a fancy design in front to catch your eye. This design is attractive and helps to sell the home. The rear slope of the house is usually “boring” but more reliable.


Thermal imaging cameras we have can help detect leaks or insulation flaws that a normal camera cannot detect. Missing insulation may increase your utility bills and can affect comfort in the home. Thermal cameras let us see what our naked eyes can’t, regardless of lighting conditions. Call us to book your home inspection today.

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