December 20, 2019
Safety in your home is very important. A family in Las Cruces in 2011 lost their lives when they ran electrical cords together to power their mobile home. A fire started when they overheated, and the three family members inside the home died because the security bars on the windows did not have the required releases. This is a sad but true story. We have inspected many homes just like this and hope that the information from the inspection is acted upon to save lives. As a home inspector, I cannot tell you “You must” do anything, but I hope the safety items mentioned in the inspection reports are helpful and insightful. It is my goal to inform you of issues in your home that could potentially cause you or your family harm. This holiday season, be sure not to overload your Christmas light strings and unplug your lights each night before going to bed to ensure they don’t get hot and catch fire while you and your family are sleeping.

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