Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Whether you’re planning to purchase a newly built home or a pre-owned property, FYI Property Inspection can help you make an educated purchase. We offer Pre-Purchase Inspection for residential properties. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, our certified home inspectors conduct reliable and unbiased pre-purchase inspections in El Paso, Texas.

There is a wide range of issues that can appear after you’ve signed the dotted line. Don’t make the blunder of skipping a pre-purchase inspection. We conduct an in-depth home inspection of all the components of a property.

We deliver an easy-to-understand home inspection report along with high-quality digital images. Our El Paso home inspection services are dependable and competitively priced.

Pre Purchase Inspections For El Paso Properties

While browsing through various classifieds online, you decide to visit a few shortlisted properties. You like one of them and decide to make the purchase.

Like most buyers, you tend to ignore that most properties on sale are staged, hiding some building issues an untrained eye can’t see. Our pre-purchase home inspection reveals the truth.

Our inspection report is never influenced by the seller or the buyer, and any claims made in the report are backed by solid evidence.

Why You Need To Get A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection?

A pre-purchase home inspection gives you the information to make a wise decision when evaluating a prospective home.

You need to be sure about the property you are buying, and don’t want any expensive repair to dawn on you in the foreseeable future. A pre-purchase inspection gives you everything that you need to know before signing the dotted line.

Our inspection report is never influenced by the seller or the buyer, and any claim made in the report is backed by solid evidence.

Why Choose FYI Property Inspection For Pre Purchase Inspection

FYI Property Inspection brings over 17 years of experience and knowledge in the construction field to home inspection services.

FYI Property Inspection, being a member of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and Internachi. We are skilled in all areas of a property, including doors, windows, insulation, roofing, flooring, and electrical, to name a few.

To ensure complete transparency, we are happy to review the inspection findings with you.

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