Pre purchase inspection

A pre-purchase inspection will help you make sure that you’re informed about your potential home. During this visual inspection, we will inspect readily accessible systems and components including the exterior, structure, roof, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, insulation and ventilation, and interior. It will identify components that are not performing and near the end of their life.

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Pre-listing inspection

By conducting a pre-listing inspection, you will become aware of the status of your home before listing. This is a beneficial step that will ease the selling process. With this information, you may choose to resolve any issues before listing so that you can show your property in its best condition and this could also increase your asking price. This could also quicken the selling process having already completed an inspection.

New Home Inspections

New Home Inspections are different and address additional items not covered in a regular home inspection. I am trained to evaluate your new home according to the Construction Performance Guidelines of the Tarion Warranty Program. I also assist in working with builders and the warranty program to help get issues resolved quickly. Having an inspector along for your pre delivery walk-through with your builder or to help you fill out your 30 day warranty form, can help you identify defects or problems.

First and Second year home warranty inspection

Having a home inspection completed before the first and or second year anniversary of your new home is recommended. By gaining insight about your new home, this can resolve issues that could be costly in the future if they are not identified and resolved.


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